ⱧɄ₥₳₦ ⱤɄł₦ : Burning Man 2020

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Cy.ren Corporation “Áriston mèn hýdōr. "Greatest however [is] water" 

In the year 2035, global warming has forced the rise of sea levels at an unpredicted rate, flooding all coast lines to create a plethora of archipelagoes, peninsulas and inlets. Water is suddenly everywhere, leaving very few places unaltered by its destructive flow. Taking advantage of the climate caused chaos various governments, entities and syndicates are battling for control. In this new landscape megacorps specializing in defense technology are the true dominators, profiting directly from the growing unrest of the globe. Few of these are as prolific and powerful as the Cy.ren Corporation, leaders in submergible weapons systems and arms equipment focusing exclusively in the growing industry of subaquatic warfare. In their constant quest for the most advanced and profitable technology, the research department at Cy.ren Labs continues to delve into exceedingly dangerous experimentations. The reward outweighed the risk up until their latest study on bio-enhanced subaquatic artificial intelligence goes horrifically wrong.